Seaweed and Kelp for Hair Loss

There are several factors that may affect hair loss. One is a nutrient deficiency. Since seaweed and kelp have plenty of vitamins and minerals in them which can be essential for hair growth, consuming them if you have some deficiency of these nutrients can help. Seaweeds and kelp can be eaten or maybe consumed in any other forms like supplements. Unless you are lacking one of the nutrients present in kelp, consuming it will not likely to reverse hair loss.Seaweed and Kelp for Hair Loss

Red and Brown Algae

One good source of vitamin A and C is the red and brown algae. Both vitamins provide protection to the hair follicle cells from environmental harm which can result to loss of hair. Another function of vitamin C is to produce enough collagen which serves as the connective tissue in the hair to make it strong. In addition, vitamin C aids in the absorption and utilization of iron especially those that are present in plant foods. Insufficiency of iron can result to anemia which is one of the major causes of hair loss.

Bladder Wrack Seaweed

Another type of seaweed which is being used as medicine for some illnesses is the bladder wrack. One benefit of it is for the treatment of iodine deficiency. The thyroid as one must know requires iodine to be able to produce certain hormones and thus insufficient amount of iodine can lead to hypothyroidism. Besides fatigue and dry skin, hypothyroidism can also affect hair growth at it may slow down or may even lead to hair loss. Bladder wrack can be consumed as a food or can be taken in the form of supplements in order to keep the thyroid to function properly. However, bladder wrack is not advisable for individuals already experiencing thyroid illness as this can worsen the condition.

Seaweed as a Source of Zinc

Zinc is also present in seaweeds and if one suffers from zinc deficiency, this can result to hair loss also. Zinc plays an important role in cell division among hair follicles and deficiency of this nutrient can affect hair growth. There are many people who do not get enough zinc in their diet and to remedy this, one should eat kelp to consume enough of this nutrient. However, keep in mind that consuming zinc from plant foods like seaweed is harder for the body to process it as compared to consuming zinc from animal based foods.

Reminders for Using Seaweed and Kelp for Hair Loss

If you happen to lose hair due to mineral deficiency, you must consult your doctor and remember to inform him about the symptoms you are experiencing. Let him know about the medications you are taking at the moment as well as the supplements you take. Ask advice regarding change in your diet and about consuming different supplements you are planning to. Do not take seaweed and kelp if you are suffering from certain medical conditions like iodine allergies and if you are pregnant and breast feeding women unless under the supervision of your doctor.

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